48hr Treadmill World Challenge – Update on William 34 to 44hrs

Several hours to condense into a few lines :

At circa 3am (UK) Alan told me that William was still feeling  “Not great” and was “coming and going” – feeling OK for a short while, and then ill again.

Alan added that William was “Trying 15min and 30min breaks” to control his GI problems and feelings of nausea.

At 34hrs into the race  William had covered 174.7 km / 108.55 miles.

Around 3am UK time, William was “still working”

3am : "still working"


Alan told me that at 5am in France (4am UK)

“After a little juice… William was really sick and brought up what we think was the cheese from the lunch before the race. ”

Fortunately following this Alan tells me that William “Appears much better”.

At 40hrs into the race William was “Feeling and running much better” and had covered ” 198 km / 123.03 miles

By 43hrs  William had reached  213.1 km/ 132.41 miles and Alan described him as being “now completely over GI issues and flying”

As I type, at 44hrs, William has covered 219 km / 136.08 miles and it running well.

More updates on the rest of the athletes and their distances shortly.