48hr Treadmill World Challenge – at 6hrs

Alan tells me that at 6hrs William had covered 50.1 km (31.13 miles).

William is very much running to plan at this stage, and Alan tells me that at 6hrs William has just had his first small, solid meal “even though he wasn’t feeling hungry” (which is about par for the course for William – I don’t think I know anyone else who could run for 6hrs without working up a bit of an appetite…).

Pierre-Michael Micaletti on Facebook has filled in the distances for all 6 runners at the 6hr point :

2 Jean-Pierre GUYOMARC’H 59.00 km
3 Christian FATON 58.00 km
4 Christian MAUDUIT 55.15 km
5 William SICHEL 50.10 km
6 Sharon GAYTER 50.00 km

More news as I get it