Latest figures in more detail

Figures below converted to miles (rounded up/down to nearest half-mile)

Shwerk still 1st, leading by 40 miles. William still in 2nd on 340 miles at  3 days and 12hr point, Martina Hausmann still leading woman.

Figures from ChampionChip Greece

Current Position Bib # Athlete Gender 96hrs
1st 19 Schwerk, Wolfgang M 380 miles 612km
2nd 18 Sichel, William M 340 miles 547km
3rd 5 Schlotter, Hans Jurgen M 337 miles 542km
4th 10 Hausmann, Martina F 309 miles 498km
5th 8 Bazzana, Lucio M 307.5 miles 495km
6th 7 Lo, Wei Ming M 299.5 miles 482km
7th 14 Istvan, Sipos M 291.5 miles 469km
8th 16 Dvoracek, Vlastimil M 289.5 miles 466km
9th 4 Baxevanis, Costas M 289 miles 465km
10th 6 Okiyama, Hiroko F 284 miles 457km
11th 12 Nomikos, Nikitas M 273.5 miles 440km
12th 9 Tahkavuori, Maria F 268.5 miles 432km
13th 13 Thanos, Nikos M 246 miles 396km
14th 1 Watkins, Abichal M 240.5 miles 387km
15th 2 Katsaros, Achilleas M 199 miles 320km
Retired 17 Zimmermann, Walter M retired 161km