3100 Mile Race: Start List


The Runners 2014 Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race June 15-August 5, 2014

Sarvagata Ukrainskyi,41, Berdansk Ukraine

In 2011 in his first attempt at 3100 miles Sarvagata emerged victorious in 44 days+13:38:52, averaging 69.56 miles per day(111.96 km), which is the fastest first time performance(fifth fastest alltime). He ran theTen Day Race that April finisning with 605 miles, which was a personal best. In the four 10 day segments of that 3100 mile race he ran 653,then 710, then 745 and finally 720 miles. 2012 saw Sarvagata finish second in the 3100 miler in 46 days+03:42:17. Last year he managed a third finish. He has been running 13 years with ten multidays completed. He lives with his wife in Berdansk, Ukraine.

Pranjal Milovnik,42, Bratislava Slovakia

A multiday veteran, Pranjal has completed the 3100 miler nine times. His best is 47 days+04:19:49 (65.68 miles/day-105.72 km),run in 2010. In 2005 he completed his first 3100 miler in 59 days,12 hours. Since that year he has improved by over 12 days, an amazing result. He is ranked twelveth all time for 3100 miles.

Vasu Duzhiy,48, St. Petersburg Russia

Last year Vasu finished very strongly in the last two weeks to garner the first finisher laurels, reaching 3100 miles in 47 days +05:39:05. In 2012 Vasu finished an inspiring double- finishing second in the Ten Day in April with 713 miles, and capping his summer with a finish in the 3100 mile race in 51 days+10:47:39. He is now ranked 13th alltime for 3100 miles.

Stutisheel Lebedyev,42, Kiev Ukraine

Another prolific multiday specialist, Stutisheel has completed seven 3100 mile races in nine attempts. His best is 48 days+12:42:46,

an average of 63.88 miles per day(102.81 km). He is ranked 19th alltime at 3100 miles.

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin,39,Kosice Slovakia

Ananda-Lahari is a five-time finisher of the 3100 mile race, with a best of 49 days+14:25:37,which rates him at 19th alltime at the distance. This wil be his 13th multiday and tenth attempt at 3100 miles.

Sopan Tsekov,33, Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s finest multiday specialist, Sopan was the youngest ever to complete 3100 miles in 2005 at 24 years of age. He has a best of 50 days+13:48:57. He has two finishes to his credit and is ranked 26th alltime at 3100 miles. He is a motivational speaker who inspires athletes to reach their potential, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Yuri Trostenyuk,49,Vinittsa Ukraine

Last year after weathering a series of heat waves and dehydration Yuri reached 3100 miles in 51days+04:22:11. He is a four-time winner of the Ten Day Race, with a best of 731 miles. He has been running 15 years and has completed eight multidays, including 455 miles for six days. A humble plumber, Yuri resides in Vinnitsa with his wife and children.

Nidhruvi Zimmerman,48, Vienna Austria

In her first attempt at 3100 miles last year, Nidhruvi reached the ‘Running Everest’ summit by finishing in 51 days+09:54:59. Nidruvi happens to be one of the pioneers of the women’s side of multiday running. From 1995 to 2002 she ran eight multiday races of high quality performances. Some of her bests are a 448 miles-six day split in a longer race;1000 miles in 14 days,22 hours in 1997; and a victory in the 2000 1300 Mile Race in 18 days 20 hours. She competed in that race four times.

Baladev P. Saraz,38,Slovakia

This will be Baladev’s fifth attempt at 3100 miles. In 2009 he completed the race in 54 days+14:26:40. He is ranked 33rd alltime. He has completed 30 ultras and 14 multidays, including a best at 10 days of 636 miles.

Sarah Barnett,38,Adelaide Australia

Sarah has been steadily improving for several years at multiday races. She won the Ten Day Race in 2012 with 697 miles(1122 km). She has won multiday races in Greece, Sweden,Turkey and the USA and has steadily built her mileage up. In 2013 she reached 2573.7 miles in her first attempt at 3100 miles, the longest she has ever run. She has the capacity to finish.

William Sichel, 60,Sanday, Orkney Scotland UK

The United Kingdom’s finest multiday runner, William is a consummate competitor, training and racing for decades. He holds 95 UK, world age-group, or Scottish records. Amongst William’s current records he holds the fastest time to run 1000 miles at over age 50 and has also reached 532 miles for six days. William is dedicating this run to Project165.com to raise funds for CLAN Cancer Support and his dedicated web page can be found at: http://www.justgiving.com/William-Sichel. He is grateful to main sponsors Orkney Micro Renewables and the Orkney Islands Council.

Jayasalini Abramovskih, 33,Moscow Nemchinovka Russia

In nine years of running Jayasalini has shown talent and brilliance in multiday running. She holds Russian records for six days(419.86 miles/672.71 km) and 10 days(673 miles/ 1083.1 km). She has completed seven multidays and looks forward to this great challenge.

Ray Krolewicz,59, Pontiac SC USA

Ray has been running for over forty years, with at least 500+ ultras to his credit. He has completed close to 30 multidays, including 463 miles for six days and 224 miles for 48 hours. He has been thinking about this race for years, and has finally made the push to get to the starting line. Ray has been a teacher, educator, coach and race director for decades and looks forward to this next test. Go Ray.

Teekshanam Dodonu, 38,Geneva Switzerland

In twelve years of running Teekshanam has completed 10 ultras and four multidays. His bests include 580 miles for ten days and 360 miles for six days. He has been training two years for this race, his first attempt at 3100 miles.