3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : William runs further than any other Scot – Ever

William Sichel runs further than any other Scot - EVER.

William Sichel runs further than any other Scot – EVER.

William has passed the 1300 mile point in his journey toward 3100 miles – but there’s more to this landmark than a simple reversal of some numbers. Adrian (Tarit) over in New York explained this  :

“William reached 1300 miles earlier this morning in  23 days and 1 hour of racing!!” – please note, we are not claiming this as a 1300 mile record (William is only intending to claim records for multiples of 500 km and 500 miles e.g. 2000 km, 2500 miles etc) but the 1300 mile point has another significance.

Adrian continued : “One other scotsman (Al Howie from Ayrshire) had raced a distance of 1300 miles before, but now William is “boldly going” where no Scottish runner has gone before!!!”.

Yes, that’s right. No other Scottish athlete, of any age, has run further than 1300 miles in any officially measured race. Ever.

From this point on, every step William takes propels him a bit further into uncharted territory, and by default any times William sets for distances on the way to the 3100 mile finishing point are going to be Scottish records (and potentially British &or M60 age group records).

There’s going to be a lot more to come over the next 1800 miles….

PS – appologies for the lateness of this post, the internet connection here is very unstable at present (one of the drawbacks to blogging from the Northern Isles).