3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA – WILLIAM REACHES 3,100 MILES !!!

William Sichel reached 3,100 Miles in 50 Days 15 hours 06 minutes and  04 seconds.

This will set a bunch of new records at the Scottish M60, Scottish Overall, British M60, British Overall and World M60 levels.

William has now run further in a single, measured race than any other Scot, any other British athlete, and/or anyone over the age of 60 – ever.

He has become the first Scot, the first Briton, the first person over the age of 60, and the oldest person ever to complete the 3,100 mile distance within the official time limit.

BUT while the race itself if officially over for William,apart from a brief pause for photos etc, he isn’t stopping just yet – he’s actually carrying on running for another 13 or so laps to reach the round figure of 5,000 km.

More updates & photos etc as I get them…