3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : William passes 2000km, New Records!

2000kmAdrian / Tarit in New York tells me :

“Midnight arrives to close day 22, just after 11pm William reached 2000km (1242 miles) and closed the day with 1247 miles.”

This time/distance shouldl be a new M60 Scottish, GB & World Record

Adrian tells me that William’s 2000km time was 22 days, 16 hours, 50 mins and 06 secs “… but as aways have to await ratification.”
Adrian continued that this was “William’s 3rd consecutive day over 60 miiles saw him finish with 62 miles” (William had been suffering from a calf strain which stopped him running – but allowed him to walk – for several days, but he seems to have worked through this to a large extent now).
Adrian added that it is “…  very hot in the middle of the day.  A plan has evolved  for the very hot days. William runs steadily for the first 5-6 hiours from 6am to 11am  then in the heat of the day, William slows noticeably, not surprisingly as the temperature under clear skies reached well  over 30 Degrees. Then William seems to get into an evening routine as it cools down, to keep him running, well and in control right up to midnight.”