3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : William passes 2000 Miles!

William Sichel passes the 2000 Mile point!

William Sichel passes the 2000 Mile point!

Alan Young in New York tells me that William reached 2000 Miles in 33 days 16 hours 43 minutes and 55 seconds. This will be a new record at both the M60 age group & overall for both Scotland and Great Britain; I need to check but it may also be a new M60 World Record.

Alan told me that William covered “124 laps (68 miles) today” and finished the day on  2005.8 miles. Alan tells me that it was a “Very good, well judged day.” and I doubt anyone could possibly disagree with that!

With 2000+ Miles covered, William now ‘only’ has around 1100 miles still to go…. A walk in the park then….