3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : William 3000km + Update

The latest news from Adrian/Tarit who has just ended his stint as William’s crewman and also from Alan Young who is about to step into his running shoes as William’s new crew.

Adrian wrote : “Day 33 ended with William on 1937.8 miles (having run 64.2 miles on day 33).  William should pass through 2000 miles late today.” (William had ended day 32 with 67.5 miles for the day and a total of 1873.6 miles).

William has now passed the 3,000 km point – I don’t currently have a time for this but it will by default be a new Scottish overall as well as M60 record (as no Scot has ever run that far in a race before!) and  also an Overall as well as M60 GB record. I am not currently sure of whether this will be a World M60 record –  More news on this as and when I get it.

Alan wrote “I arrived safely but 4hrs late – Crewed from 6pm till midnight finish. Good 117 laps giving 64.2 miles for a day with little help. Found William in great spirits , very lucid , and worked very hard these last 6hrs of the day I was with him.
6am here and he is off again. I’m not really requird till around 8am when coffee breakfast etc comes. So a couple hours to sort myself out after whirlwind evening.”

5:55am New York time " the bird has flown" Alan Young wrote : "Off to the start line to chase William's laps in the early morning cool."

5:55am New York time ” The bird has flown”
Alan Young wrote : “Off to the start line to chase William’s laps in the early morning cool.”