3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : Updates from the last couple of days

William is doing rather well in New York at present. Just how well you can see over the next couple of posts. Here’s a catch-up from the last couple of 10527731_264410707090666_57215110529212895_ndays :

Late at night/early in the morning,Alan Young wrote : “Another 114 lap day. What can I say. The plan was a Minimum 109 laps and a. Maximum of 114. Slight wobble around midday but extra ice cream for the rest of the day seemed to have solved the problem. Lights out 0:28.”

Alan followed up with the news that… “The Boy went past 2400 miles early this morning  so another lift. Cooler but windy this am. Looks comfortable at the moment. Eating better (half a sarnie and ice cream).”

At 7pm (New York time) Alanc ontinued “…Slightly cooler and lower humidity, and the laps are coming. All being well another very good day
Tomorrow 4000k will come in around 60 laps and there is 2500 miles.”

Alan ended with the message : “…Another great day 117 laps!”

– which is really pretty remarkable; William is speeding up as he approaches 2500 miles!

Alan added that it was a “Hard crewing day but importantly the laps came. I am very well and just about getting into the event. !!!! Lights out 0:29”


More coming up shortly….