3100 Mile Race : Sri Chinmoy “Self-Transcendence” USA : A Day At The Races – Behind the Scenes…

3,100 Miles is a long way to go on foot…10479228_264410737090663_1825712167834252883_n

At 10am, William stops for a brief break…

10am breaK

It can be hot in New York in July, especially so when you come from Orkney….


The body has to be fuelled on it’s epic journey… So what is William currently enjoying?

IMG00025-20140726-1710As Alan puts it : “Beer (non-alcholic), one bottle each night before bed. Ice-Cream, 2 Litres per day. Heavy Cream, 1/4 Litre per day…”

The efforts and achievements of the athletes are appreciated by many, including local amatuer street artists :


And this photo probably says it all:IMG00019-20140724-0910