2XU Sponsorship


I’m delighted to announce that I have signed up a new sponsor for 2008 – the innovative sports clothing company 2XU.

Mike Trees Uk distributor of 2XU is pleased to announce that he will be supporting William Sichel in 2008. The Ultra Distance Runner who is in his 50’s will benefit greatly from the compression range as it is widely known that recovery slows down with age. The 2XU graded compression helps to flush out lactic acid fom the muscles from training and racing and thus will not just aid the older runner but serious athletes to achieve their best performance possible (for more information see www.2XU.com).
We at 2XU wish William all the best with his endeavours in the coming season.

From the elite athlete driving their body to its limits, to the driven business person, and everyone in between, 2XU provide the equipment you need to magnify your natural ability. They harness every part of your genetic composition and cloak you in a layer of performance. Every product is designed and re-designed for tangible benefit.
Triathlon Consultants Ltd distribute 2XU products within the UK and Ireland. It is our aim to up hold the brand values and through excellent quality of service, we aim to deliver the 2XU range of sporting goods to the British sports market.